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Our highly sophisticated search engine optimization analyzer will examine the entire website or just the page you want. As our tool carries out the analysis, it will use the algorithms that major search engines like Yahoo, Google and Bing use to generate their SERPs. It will disclose the actual performance of your site. As it investigates your site's performance, our seo checker will also indicate errors and warnings that it finds. Then you will take measures to optimize your pages for better search engine results.
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Main Web site Seo Analysis areas

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First, our fantastic analysing tool will examine the status of your domain in terms of domain score, authority and global rank. This report will show you where your website is ranked globally and its overall power and success among similar sites. Other parameters that will be evaluated include the site's link quality, link quantity, search engine indexing, page rank, load time, navigability, domain age and directory indexing and so on. Traffic that your site is getting will also be analyzed. Our seo check tool will seek to find out your domain traffic rank, Alexa rank, page views, visitors' time on site, competitors ranks, estimated monthly visitors, traffic trends charts and graphs and bounce rate among other issues.
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We will also scrutinize your site's link structure by page to show and list the amount of broken links, present information about internal page ranks and draw pie charts and graphs to represent your link quality and types. To demonstrate to you the overall page performances, our site checker will gather the following data: HTML validation, quantity of links, Page Rank, textual analysis, keyword analysis, socio media statistics, search engine indexing and keyword density among others. Finally we will diagnose your whole website to outline this data: warnings and small issues that can affect your seo ranking, detected errors and additional data one all analyzed pages.

Why use our meta tag analyzer?

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Meta tags are page data tags hidden between the opening and closing head tags in any HTML code. The text that is hidden in the tags is never detectable. It is meant for web browsers and search engine crawlers. Once they come across your Meta tags, they immediately derive information about your pages. Having Meta tags in your site does not guarantee high seo results. They must be working properly to serve their purpose. That's why we are introducing our Meta tag analyzing tool to you. Its work is to evaluate your Meta tags to make sure that they were implemented correctly. If our web-based tool finds issues with your tags that need to be addressed, it will generate warnings and tips to help you alter them. Our highly dependable seo check application understands the search engines' algorithmic puzzles. We are absolutely sure that you will love it.
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Try our free seo analysis tool

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We want you to succeed. That's our goal! Because you may be skeptical about search engine optimization analyzers, we are giving you a chance to carry out a free website analysis. We will not demand even a single cent from you even if you are a search engine optimizer. There is absolutely nothing you will lose if you carry out a free seo test with our analyzer. We simply need you to copy and paste or type your URL link plus any keyword you are promoting into a checker. In just a short while it will generate the first score for your web page, based on a pre-set score range. Then it will start deducting marks from this first score as it finds search engine optimization functions that do not meet the strict rules set by search engines. Our leading free tool will deduct marks when it finds irrelevant information, inappropriate headings and titles, broken links and so on.
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Website analysis: Why our top website analyzer is totally dependable

With our top website analyzer you will be able to aggregate data and run a site crawling procedure. This will give you the following possible results. First our analyzer will establish your site's ranking on various internet authorities including Google. It will also find out how your pages rank for given keyword choices. Then it will accumulate total back links that are pointing to your website and detect the main anchor texts your recent visitors have used to locate you. Our website analysis tool will obviously provide topmost domains linking to your site and determine notable metrics that can be found on major socio media sites. Not only will we evaluate all the above but also how quickly each of your pages load every time they are clicked. Our gifted team of professionals will obviously offer a comprehensive search engine optimization report in a common format such as the PDF.

On page seo: What's onpage seo all about?

Onpage seo refers to the activities and things that can be done to your site to improve its performance within itself. By improving your pages' search engine optimization you will make it more attractive to search engines. We understand that there are onpage site seo tricks that do not work effectively anymore. As a result we are looking to improve on page seo for your site based on secrets that search engine bots have not yet discovered. Our team of experts will check your H tags. Nowadays H1 tags are given more preference as far as improving SEO within the site goes. It is all about adding your primary keywords into the H1 tags. We will certainly check out your title tags to make sure that they have your primary and secondary keywords. Also we want to ensure that your titles tags are attractive, unique and self-explanatory. Other areas our staff will test out include meta-keywords tag, meta-description tag, web folder names, image alt tags, keyword density and quantity of content among others.

Keyword density tool – Role of our keyword density checker

Although keyword density is not taken with the same seriousness it used to in the past, by major search engines, it is still an essential seo tactic. Our keyword density tool will count the number of times a given keyword is repeated in a page and compare it to the rest of the content. It is important to make sure that your content is not keyword stuffed. It should not deliver less useful information to the web visitor too. Our analyzing tool will crawl your URL link and remove stop words prior to determining your keyword density. Our past users have found our keyword density checker simple, accurate and powerful.

Check seo Tip - Seo checklist

Who does not want to regularly check seo effectiveness of their site? Without doing this you cannot really tell whether you are doing enough to promote our site. With our seo checklist you can stop the guesswork and plan your website management activities. When dealing with multiple sites a checklist can simplify and speed up your work.