How not to make a mistake in choosing one of cheap dining tables?

Before choosing dining table, you should clearly decide what characteristics of this piece of furniture are the most important for you and what the budget of the purchase is. If you can’t afford an expensive and luxury table, don’t be upset because you can find a wide range of cheap dining tables and choose the one you like the most.

How many legs should cheap dining room tables have?

The quantity and quality of legs are not less important than the style of countertop. It is up to you to decide on this question, but there is a strict range of possible variants:

  • One central support. Table that has one leg at the center is a very convenient option. It is more comfortable to sit around it than around four-legged design: nobody will kick you under it and it is the most inexpensive variant among other cheap dining tables.
  • Two legs. Dining tables on two legs resemble a large bench, and they visually appear to be quite compact. But they are not highly practical: it is hard to sit at the edges of such a table; you simply have nowhere to put your own legs.
  • Three legs. Three-legged tables usually have a round tabletop. They are comfortable and look very aesthetically pleasing.
  • Four legs. Tables on four legs are a traditional and familiar option to all of us. This is a classic that doesn’t go out of fashion: four-legged kitchen tables from oak, ash, or walnut are welcome to every kitchen.

How to buy matching cheap dining tables and chairs?

Firstly, decide on whether you want these chairs to be hard or soft? Hard chairs are more inexpensive and can match with almost all cheap dining tables.

In general, the dining table dictates style of chairs. It is clear that if you have a wooden dining table, plastic chairs, even the most comfortable, will be completely out of place – in this case, you’d better buy wooden chairs with a classic design. More convenient, of course, to get a dining table and chairs at the same time, and it is not necessary for them to be a set.

Great solution for small kitchens – cheap folding tables

Kitchen is a special place in every home, as it is often associated with comfort and cosines. Many people spend years trying to properly arrange and decorate their kitchens, and cheap folding tables can be a good choice.

What should be kept in mind before buying folding tables and chairs?

Some housewives don’t like small dining tables, because they are subconsciously associated with loneliness, and large tables with extended family. However, it is not necessary to acquire an impressive model, because the larger table, the more complex mechanism it has, so it will be more expensive. Cheap folding tables are perfect for both small and big kitchens, because they always can be transformed into exactly the same size as you want.

Typically, additional kitchen countertop extends or rises on the one hand, but options are also possible. If there are tall people in your family, then such a person, before buying table, should sit at it, since the actual height of the countertop is often not identical with the one specified by the manufacturer.

Some words should be mentioned about folding chairs. Not only are they convenient, but also transportable and cheap. Moreover, they are available in different colors, sizes and materials, that’s why it is so easy to choose perfect ones for your kitchen.

Cheap round folding tables are a good solution for interior

Few people think about the fact that cheap folding tables may become a real decoration of even the most ordinary-looking kitchen. Thanks to the modern variety of models, each person can pick out just the option that they like. Moreover, even if, for example, kitchen interior is made in bright colors, there is nothing stopping to choose red or black table – it will just be an additional color accent and a very stylish solution.

Small dining tables and their main features

It is difficult to give both beauty and functionality to small dining room, because it is simply impossible to place all necessary items in them. Small dining tables are a real salvation for designers who are equipping kitchens, dining and living rooms of modern apartments, because, despite their compact sizes, these tables have ample functionality, ease of use and interesting appearance, which help to decorate rooms in a special way.

How to choose dining room tables for small spaces?

Modern furniture stores and online stores can please their customers with incredible range of small dining tables. They contain models of different sizes and shapes, tables can be made of all sorts of materials in any of the presently known styles.

It is because the majority of buyers face certain difficulties with the choice of the right table for a particular room: quite difficult to choose a single model from such diversity.

First of all, you should decide on the form of a table. Small dining table in a round shape with a diameter of less than 100 cm can be put in the center of a kitchen or a dining room.

Depending on the material from which it is made, the presence or absence of decorative elements, as well as color schemes, it harmoniously complements the atmosphere of a particular style. The main advantage of the round models is the lack of sharp corners that can significantly protect you and your family members.

Which of small round dining tables will last longer?

It is no secret that the quality of the material from which the furniture parts are made and the strength of the connections between them, mainly affects duration of the life of small dining tables.

Tables made of natural wood don’t go out of service for several centuries, which certainly speaks of their excellent consumer qualities. So, if you decide to buy round table out of, for instance, oak, you can be sure that it will last for years to come.

Why high top tables are convenient?

High top tables in a small kitchen can be much more practical than it seems at a first glance. If your kitchen is tiny and there is no place for a large dining table, you can do the following: move the dining table in the living room and gather at it with your family members and friends for dinner or on the weekends, and quick breakfasts and snacks can be done at a high bar table in the kitchen.

Not for nothing this table is called a table for breakfast in Western Europe, because usually people have lunch in the office, dinner in cafes and at home they have a light breakfast.

Main advantages of high top tables and chairs

Bar chairs are beneficial for your kitchen, because they:

  • Create a modern interior and become its center
  • Help to replace usual dining tables with compact high top tables while maintaining the comfort on the same level
  • Open up the possibility for creative people of all income levels, as they are made of different materials
  • They can be put in even the smallest kitchen because they can be fold up and create more space

High top tables have a small size and, at the same time, visually separate the kitchen and other rooms, which can’t be done by dinner tables. It can be used as a partition between kitchen and living room. Besides the kitchen space becomes larger.

Psychologists recommend buying high top tables for those people who are afraid to get fat. Psychologically, it is not conducive to have long-term food intake procedure as it is at a large dining table, and thus the person will satisfy hunger faster.

What types of poker tables for sale are offered by market?

BBO poker tables are one of the most expensive

High quality poker tables for sale can be found on This site offers a wide range of various poker tables and they are rather expensive. The cheapest variant is a folding table but it is not always easy to find a good one.

If you decide to buy this table, then quality wooden chairs are included into a purchase, and you can adjust the height and angle of the backrest of these chairs. The only drawback is that this table is designed for a game for six people.

Custom poker tables and how to choose the perfect one

Nowadays you may find a lot of different poker tables for sale in the Internet, but sometimes you can’t find the one you are looking for. Then custom poker table is an ideal decision.

One of the most important aspects of a successful game in poker is a serious approach to the selection table for the game. There are 3 types of poker tables that can be offered:

  • Countertop or table pad for poker. If space isn’t available, it is not necessary to purchase a separate poker table. Today it is quite popular to buy countertop or table pad. The cost of these poker attributes much lower than for individual poker table.
  • Poker tables of the economy class. Such tables can be made of inexpensive metal or wood. They have discreet design and designed for 8 or 10 people. The cost of these tables is not great, in contrast to such ones of a professional class.
  • Professional poker tables. You may not find this type among other poker tables for sale in the Internet. This is a gift for VIPs, emphasizing the high status of its owner. Such a poker table in addition to its direct function of the game will also serve as a stylish interior decoration. It is possible to apply a company logo on the professional poker table, which makes it an unusual business gift. These tables are usually made to order.

Why IKEA dining tables are so popular?

When this company appeared in our market, it has allowed anyone who has an idea of interior design to equip kitchen as he likes. IKEA dining tables are famous for their durability, stylish look, reliability and quality.

How to design kitchen interior using IKEA dining room tables?

IKEA’s advantage lies in the fact that the company offers a wide range of modular furniture and accessories for the kitchen, which can be combined at will. Without imposed stereotypes, patterns and opinions. Anyone can feel free to experiment and to become a designer of his own home.

It is also very convenient that you can choose a kitchen set in one shop and make it easy to create a whole and unique design in your kitchen. IKEA dining tables helps you to save precious space and to use it at the maximum capacity. You can find tables of different shapes, colors and styles, and combine them with other pieces of furniture at your kitchen.

The most popular variant for tables is the one with a round countertop. These tables are perfect for people who are concern about the optimum use of kitchen’s space. Round tables can be made out of wood, plastic and glass. The most interesting variant is table with glass tabletop, which adds more light to the kitchen and makes it look more spacious.

Dining tables IKEA are suitable for every kitchen

Why it is so? Because IKEA dining tables are available in various sizes, shapes and prices. If you have a large dining room and you want to emphasize its size, then wooden IKEA table will help you with this task.

Or is you have a small kitchen and you want to save some space, then small round table is just what you are looking for. Moreover, you can purchase a table with drawers and optimize your kitchen even more.

What is the role of small coffee tables in the guest room?

At a first glance, the role of small coffee tables might just be underestimated, but in fact it can perform every of several functions. So now we look at the different uses of a small table.

  • The main role of this table is to serve as a stand for cups of tea and coffee, or you can put a magazine you have just read on it.
  • Often, decorative small coffee tables stand dominant and serve as an excellent link to the design composition. In such cases, table should be located by the sofa or chairs near the fireplace.
  • Table may play a role of pouf if it is upholstered with leather or thick cloth.
  • A small table with drawers or a table in the form of a chest may store various small items.
  • Table in a living room can be an element that divides the space of the room into zones, and the main thing is to choose the right form of the table. For instance, small round coffee tables are perfect for small guest rooms.

Small glass coffee tables are simply invisible

For those people who want to buy small coffee tables but don’t want them to look big, glass coffee tables are the best choice. They look imperceptible and the only thing you may notice is that things on that table are like floating in the air.

They contribute to the elegant look of your living room as they don’t take up much space and, at a first glance, your view doesn’t stop at all in order to look at this table.

As well as their invisibility, they are extremely practical and can be used for various purposes: as a shelf for books, for different vases and for your favorite magazines.

What factors are important in choosing large coffee tables?

Large coffee tables have many functions. They can have magazines and fiction books on them, it is possible to put food and drinks on them, and also they can be used for board games.

Maybe you like to use a coffee table as a footstool, and your children love to draw pictures on it. If all of these activities are true for your family, you definitely need to choose one of large coffee tables.

Important factors of choice of large round coffee tables

First of all, think about why exactly you need this piece of furniture, or what your rooms are lacking, and then choose a table that addresses these problems. If your room is spacious and you would like to divide it into different zones then large coffee tables are the best decision.

Before purchasing the table you should measure area that it would hold in the room to get an idea of its size and how it interacts with the other pieces of furniture. If your room is rather large and so are your large coffee tables, you can visually reduce the size of tables, if you put on both sides of the table soft ottomans or wooden benches.

If a room has two sofas or other large items of upholstered furniture, large coffee table may seem like a reasonable solution. Moreover, if this table has a round form it can nicely decorate your sofa, especially if they are rectangular.

Extra large coffee tables and where you can use them

Coffee table with raised rims or with a slight indentation on the edge is a great choice if you often drink coffee and sometimes spill it, or if your children often use it as a place to have dinner. Big coffee tables also fit if you often take visitors and want not to worry about stains from wine on the carpet.

If you don’t want your coffee table to be the center of attention, but you want it to be large, you should choose table with glass top and finishes, that are combined with other pieces of furniture in the room. Thus attention will be distributed equally between all parts of the interior, and will not dwell on one thing.

Why people prefer to buy Ikea coffee tables?

Nowadays there is a huge variety of different coffee tables and sometimes it is hard to purchase the right one. A lot of people decide not to worry about a huge choice that is offered by a market and to buy Ikea coffee tables. You may wonder why, and there are some main reasons for such brand loyalty.

Coffee tables at ikea: why consumers love them

Ikea is a well-known brand of furniture and you can always find something that will suit your taste and you may afford it. All Ikea’s furniture is environmentally friendly, quality-made, easy-transportable and, sometimes, extremely cheap.

These features make Ikea furniture unique and special and people all around the world like it. And Ikea coffee tables are not the exception from this rule: customers enjoy their stylish look, students like that they are cheap and convenient, and seniors love that these coffee tables are easy to assemble and move.

Moreover, you always have a chance to modernize the furniture from Ikea, and create your own design of it: all you need is a little imagination.

Glass coffee tables ikea: functional and stylish

If you consider buying coffee table at Ikea you should get familiar with glass tables for a couple of reasons. First of all, the glass is of high quality, it is durable and tested, that’s why it is reliable. Secondly, these tables are not only beautiful and stylish, but also functional and convenient.

For instance, under the table top of a coffee table you can store blankets and bedding for guests. Last but not least, they are great at wisely use of the room’s space and they don’t take up too much if it. Ikea coffee tables with glass visually enlarge your living room and make it more spacious, light and bright.

People trust Ikea brand because it is Swedish quality, and they know what it is going to deliver time and time again.

Various round dining room tables and how to choose the right one

Round dining room tables are excellent for not big rooms. They can excellently fit into small spaces and they don’t have any sharp edges. More people can sit at the round table than at the one with corners and everybody may have enough space and don’t touch each other with elbows. You can also consider buying transparent chairs: they visually increase the size of small room and don’t close the view of a beautiful dining table.

Round dining room tables with leaves: negative and positive features

In Eastern philosophy round table is thought to be as a symbol of the sky, harmony and the inviolability of the family. Generally speaking, the impression it makes is marvelous: smooth line of countertop unites people sitting around it and makes them equal.

Round dining room tables usually rest on three legs, which are more suitable for the kitchen design and looks more ordinary, or it may have one massive leg, with a broad base like the classic “pineapple”. Tables without corners are considered more appetizing – they are not associated with office furniture.

If your room isn’t big enough it is a good idea to buy a table with leaves: it may help you to save space in your dining room, as well as your table is always ready to accommodate many guests if you push its leaves.

The main disadvantage of round dining room tables is that these tables don’t look very elegant, but sometimes you are just looking for efficiency, so in that case round dining room tables with leaves are just for you.

Keep in mind: main features of round dining room tables for 6

The optimum diameter of the round table is 1.3-1.5 meters; otherwise the sitting would be inconvenient to reach for dishes. For every guest it is needed about 60 cm perimeter of the table, it is a comfortable space for meals and easy communication.

When choosing a kitchen table you should be guided by the number of seats according to the rule “family + 2 persons”. And remember that the balance between exotic freshness of novelty and functionality always converges in the most familiar to our eyes shapes of the table.